EduTrac Oman focuses on key segments under the education sector


Education / Higher Education





Career Development / Human Resources

Meet participants who could help you achieve your education and career goals


  • Banks and Financial Institutions Providing Educational Loans
  • Business Schools
  • Continuing-Education Centers
  • Distance Education Providers
  • Education and Tourism Councils
  • Educational Resource Providers
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Engineering Colleges
  • English Language Proficiency Test Centers
  • Funding and Scholarship Providers
  • International Organizations Dedicated to Higher Education
  • International Universities, Colleges, and Organizations Offering Higher Education
  • Government Agencies Promoting Education
  • Government Universities
  • Medical Schools
  • Private and Public Colleges and Universities
  • Professional and Vocational Institutions
  • School Boards
  • Study Abroad Centers
  • Technical Colleges
  • Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Program Providers



  • Training Academies
  • International and Local Training Companies
  • Vocational and Training Institutions

Career Development / Human Resources

  • Career Development Companies
  • Career Service Centers
  • Career Training Facilities
  • Coaching Organizations
  • Employment Service Centers
  • International and Local Career Agencies
  • International and Local Placement Agencies
  • International and Local Recruitment Agencies
  • Job Sites or Portals